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Bestlife Oden X Sanitising Crossbody Bag

Bestlife Oden X Sanitising Crossbody Bag

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This UV (Ultra Violet) Sanitiser bag is part of the ODEN X range. It has been designed to work with the the ODEN X Backpack by connecting the Bag to the C+ Cable on the backpack that has a powerbank connected to the USB in the bag. It can be used separately from the back pack as well if you have a USB to C+ cord and a Power pack. The bag is designed as a cross body bag. On the controls you can select between a 5, 15 or 30 Minute sanitising period. This bag is ideal for sanitising your cell, phone, credit card, cash etc. Always ensure the bag is switched off after sanitising and before opening it up to remove the items that you have sanitised.

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